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canons on protesters and hillary clinton sending her first tweet but it's her profile that's got everybody talking and is she sending a message about a possible presidential run. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm suzanne malveaux. the 29-year-old who leaked details is on the move. authorities are busy preparing their case against edward snowden. he's left his hoe tole but is still believed to be hiding out in the city high pressure he said he expected to be charged but he's hoping for asylum. i want to talk about where we are in the investigation. are charges imminent? >> reporter: i don't think they are. i'm told from a law enforcement source that charges are not
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imminent. it doesn't mean it could be today or tomorrow or next week. it's kind of come kplated for these authorities because number one they are obviously looking in every direction to try to find out what type of information he accessed. what type of information may have been given to this newspaper, the guardian in london but that takes time and we really don't know the extent of this because the reporter who covered the case has said there are other stories coming. the question is whether there's been other allegationed allege leaks. >> there's been no request for extradition. is that because they don't know where he is or trying to build their case? >> reporter: it's more about building the case. first you investigation, then corroborate and then charges filed after the charges filed that's when you start talking about extradition of an individual now. right now there's nothing to
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extradite him for unless some charges have been filed say secretly in the court. that could be something we just wouldn't know. >> is there any concern the longer he's out through that he's talking to media and he's in hiding and there's a greater sense of threat to national security that if there is more information or more leaks that come out that they need to get ahold of this guy right away? >> reporter: that could be something they want to consider. the question is what type of documents might have been accessed and already turned over and whether he's on the run. the question is whether he is in hong kong or if he's already left the city. i talked to a law enforcement source who said would you stick around given the type of media spotlight in that city. a lot of questions out there. >> i'm sure you'll be looking for those answers and questions. thanks.
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company where edward snowden gets most of its money from the government. today the company put out this statement about snowden. it says booz allen can corn firm he was an employee for less than three months, assigned to a team in hawaii. he had a salary at $122,000 was terminated june 10th for violations of the firm's code of ethics policy. mpb mpb now to escalating violence. this is out of turkey, watch this. what you're watching here riot police firing tear gas. you see the engagement.
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this is in the heart of istanbul. protesters are spreading across the country. the last 12 days the protests have gone on. they started when police cracked down on a peaceful sit in at a park in the square. they have led to calls for turkey's prime minister to resign. : also happening right now in j new jersey. this is the cool. it's been evacuated. the threat involved multiple unspecified buildings. they are told the leave the campus and do not come back until you're told to return. a tweet from the university said regular classes have ended for the summer but there are some summer programs that were going on on that campus there. she's been around the world, the most traveled secretary of
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state ever, but the one place she had not been was the twitter verse. now she's on there and folks are speculating another run for the white house. it didn't 140 characters. it took just three. >> reporter: the now iconic image of then secretary of state hillary clinton sporting dark classes and studying her blackberry is her profile picture. she's taking twitter by storm. former secretary of state also described her as wife, mom, lawyer and get this, hair icon and pantsuit affecionado which she joked about. >> all you need a small but passionate audience to be successful. we could call it project
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pantsuit. >> reporter: perhaps more telling of all is tbs which sm think she will launch another run for the white house. clinton has kept a low profile since leaving office in february. she's remained in the headlines connected to the obama's administration handling of benghazi attack. her poll numbers have slip bud she still remains a likely figure. although she hasn't said publicly she'll run, her allies are getting ready in case she does. >> there are groups getting ready. they want to be sure if she makes a decision to run that there's support right off the bat. >> reporter: bill clinton responded asking does twitter have a family share plan.
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daughter said welcome mom. president obama also welcomed his former rival. judging by the first tweet there will be many more. thanks pr the inspiration she said to the creators which made this photo of her famous and then i'll take it from here. t >> the tweeting fueling speculation she could be running for president again. i know you're both following hillary clinton. she's got a lot of tweets going on for someone who just started all of this. let's talk about the timing of this. it comes on the heel offense a poll. it shows her popularity is taking a dip out of stepping out of limelight. it went from 64% to april now to 58% and untake in
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unfavorability. . do you think there's a critical window here. she's got to jump in and say i'm going to run? >> i don't think it's any time soon. she's got 100% name recognition. everybody knows who she is. she doesn't have to worry about people getting to know her or like her. she's got a lot of time. i would say she's not going to do anything serious, maybe maneuvering here and there. she's going to wait until after the midterm elections before we know for sure whether or not she's going to run. my own suspicion is i think she still has the fire in her belly. i think she would like to still be the first woman president of the united states. my own gut tells me based on everything i'm hearing that she wants to do it. she's not made any final decision yet. i think the only thing possibly
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that could prevent her from running, this is yus my sense, is if her health isn't good. she did have a scare a few months ago with that blood clot in her head and got a lot of people close to her worried. my own instinct tells me she'll run. >> she's been saying i'm chilling. i'm relaxing. i'm sleeping in. do you think that's part of campaign to convince folks she is healthy if she'll go for 2016. >> she's got to do that and she's got to rest up. those four years she was traveling all the time. the really worked hard. while i'm not a physician, i can't say that all that hard work all that traveling, all that time aboard that aircraft caused that kind of blood clot developing inside her head. i have no idea if there's any
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connection. she should take it easy especially if she's going to run for the presidential nomination. she's looking great. you saw the last images, the last pictures we've seep of her. she looks so much more relaxed and much more at ease. i think she deserves a little rest. let her enjoy. >> we'll be followng and hopefully she won't tweet too much there. she's going to take bit of a break. >> i'm following her on twitter. i assume you are. she's gone from one follower to more than 300,000 followers in a day. that's pretty good. >> not bad at all. we're going to go back to breaking news. this is prince ton university in new jersey. the school has been evacuated because of a bomb threat. joining us on the phone is a student. you're waiting to get the all
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clear. where are you now in. >> right now i'm standing on campus. they have students come in. all the faculty and staff and [ inaudible ] >> having a difficult time hearing her there on the campus. we're going to try to get more information. not a lot of student there is because classes already closed were told to evacuate and leave because of a bomb threat. they will alert students when it's safe to go through several of the buildings and make sure they are okay. we're going to bring more of that story as soon as we get more information. we're also working on this. one of george zimmerman's best friends could be one of his biggest problems.
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>> when the head bashing on the concrete stopped and trayvon reached for the firearm, grabbed a hold of it. >> up next, how prosecutors could use that statement against zimmerman at trial. one of country's top cancer doctors accused now of trying to poison a colleague she dated. the weapon, a chemical used in antifreeze. they're small and look harmless but that ri called crazy ants on the loose and destroying tvs and computers. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain,
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for bringing us together. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. rough waves in in a strong current along the alabama coast take the lives of four men. they were from arkansas, kansas, kentucky and louisiana. all four men drowned. onto baltimore. that's where a cleanup is under way after severe storms caused flooding this maryland. besides the flooding the city was also hit by what they are
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calling a funnel cloud. it's a funnel cloud that formed along the coast there. you are look at what is left. this is in parts of wood vine, maryland. homes, buildings destroyed after tornado brushed through that area. the national weather service is evaluatings all of the damage. we're talking from maryland to kentucky. this is of a tornado touching down. several homes were severely damaged. you can submit a report to report for your own pictures. we're following second day of jury selection. it's moving rather slowly. 20 potential jurors have been
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called into a courtroom. they will being interviewed individually as the attorneys try to see the panel of six men and women plus four alternates. zimmerman admits to shooting and killing 17-year-old trayvon martin last year but he said he acted in self-defense. one of his friends could play a key role in the case. >> reporter: when george zimmerman was worried about an aggressive neighborhood dog in 2009 he decided to buy a gun and went to be his friend for help. >> he felt once he gets married he said he changed his perspective in life and that he was responsible not just for himself anymore but for his wife. >> reporter: a federal law enforcement officer helped zimmerman weigh the pros and cons before he selted on a thin
10:18 am
lightweight .9 mm. he was easy to conceal and carry and acting on his advice he carried it everywhere. >> always. the one thing i did tell him for the reason for doing that is if it's on your person it can't be anywhere else. >> reporter: it was on zimmerman's person the night he encountered trayvon martin and he told him how martin grabbed the gun during their fight. >> according to what he told me was when the head bashing on the concrete stopped and trayvon reached for the firearm. >> reporter: he wrote about it in a book quoting zimmerman, somehow i broke his grip on the gun. i got the gun in my hand, raised it toward his chest and pulled the trigger. this is where the problem lies for george zimmerman because
10:19 am
comments quoted by his friend do not match what zimmerman told police. listen to what he says as he walks investigators through the crime scene. >> he reached for it. i grabbed it and grabbed my firearm and shot it one time. >> reporter: in multiple recordrd interviews he never said he ever touched his gun. dna testing seems to agree. there was no trace of his dna on the gun's grip. prosecutors list the book with zimmerman's conflicting account as potential evidence possibly to challenge zimmerman's credibility. as for his connection to the gun zimm zimmerman was carrying he said hst hard to answer the question. does he feel regret? >> he didn't have it to go out and commit a crime of hunting someone down and harming them. it was for self-protection.
10:20 am
i'm glad that firearm was used to protect george. >> reporter: he could appear as a witness for the prosecution and for the defense. he sees no difference in case of self-defense if someone is grabbing your gun or grabbing for it. these ants are eating more than just your food. they are destroying your tvs too. this invasion of the crazy ants, up next. [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo.
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this is out of istanbul, turkey. i want to listen to cnn international coverage. let's listen in.
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the last hour or so has gotten extremely tense. this is between protesters on the ground and authorities, turkish authorities who have been firing tear gas. let's listen again. we're told that our cnn correspondent who is really right there looking down on this scene is washing his eyes out
10:25 am
from the tear gas because it's been so heavy over the last ten to 20 minute there is. you're seeing the gas that's just billowing through the square. this is after 12 days protests that originally erupted because of the government's plan to build a shopping mall and destroy a park that's turned into something much, much more. the government has overstepped its bounds in many ways in controlling their lives. they asked for the turkish prime minister to step down. nick has been narrating what he's seen taking place on the ground. let's listen in if we can.
10:26 am
as you can imagine when you're that close to the scene you have to protect yourself as well and there's authorities that have been lined up with gas masks as they are deploying the tear gas and trying to disperse the crowd. this is cnn international you're watching these live pictures from here. this comes from close to two weeks of a stand off between those people on the ground in turkey and turkish authorities. initially they had been very violent reaction to a peaceful protest that happened. let's listen in. it's sense developed into something much, much more.
10:27 am
>> reporter: the water cannon going off directly into. it's really stunning to see how quickly the situation here changed. it's a short distance away right now. there seems to be an altercation between a riot, policeman and one of the demonstrators and that erupted into what we saw transpire. the tear gas, the water. it's cleared out and we're still hearing shots of tear gas being fired. water cannons going into it. the demonstrators have really
10:28 am
dug in. >> we're seeing riot police launch large amounts of tear gas. if you can stand by i want to tell our viewers what they are watching. dramatic scenes unfolding right now in istanbul with riot police trying to clear out this central square. protesting the refurbishment of park. nick walsh is also very near with the latest. i'm seeing rows of riot police. it appears as no more protesters are in the square, is that
10:29 am
correct? >> reporter: that is correct. they seem to have been pushed out by that intense tear gas. it's been a key area much of the day. barricades built there by protesters and the police have pushed them way back down. also seen riot police firing down this side as well. they have taken up position there and on the entrance between the main square and this and the main street here. there are ambulances stationed to the side of the square so some effort made for medical attention required. we're also seeing these armored vehicles taking up position for the first time today.
10:30 am
you can get a better hear for what i'm saying. we are seeing the first significant large coordinated police effort to retake parts. >> we can hear you, nick. stand by. i'm going to go back to arwa. nick was mentioning armored vehicles. can you see those? what can you tell us from your vantage point now? >> reporter: some of them right in front of us. the fire air is under a cloud of white smoke.
10:31 am
it seems like so much has chucked them. they're not physically entering the park. however they are firing tear gas, water cannons. the government said it would not be entering and allowing the demonstrators there to concede with their demonstration. i'm going to take this off and hopefully you'll be able to hear me a bit more clearly at this point. the situation here really changed so quickly, so dra m dramatically. we can show you where the demonstrators were. they were peaceful. we were standing here when something like an altercation seem to have broken out between a small group of protesters and
10:32 am
the riot police. that escalated within seconds. there was tear gas, water can n cannons being thrown. rocks were being thrown and the square seems to have been completely cleared out. we can see one of riot police. seems like they are taking aim getting ready the fire inside the park. from this point i can barely see people looking as if they are trying to clear out of the park. earlier in the day the riot police had entered the fringes of the park. they said that rocks are being thrown at them from the park itself. then they were pushed back, pretty peacefully by demonstrators. the demonstrators have been holed up inside the park and getting ready for an additional push by the riot police. they were soaking blankets and
10:33 am
water. they have emergency medical stations set up inside. that gas is coming towards us right now. it's still continues to be a pretty tense situation down here right now. difficult to tell what is happening inside the park itself from this vantage point. the riot police trying to peer through. a lot of people we were talking to down here, were telling us earlier in the day that really all it would take to end this from their perspective would be the government reversing its decision to turn this park into a shopping mall but of course the demonstrations now what's happening has really expanded and has been expanding from the first day as to what it began in that park. a lot of demonstrators heeding a call from social media to come out and take a stance against
10:34 am
the government at 7:00 p.m. came out in vast numbers. many of them saying that they were out here in solidarity demonstrating what they say is the government's, the prime minister's authoritarian rule his government is trying to impose. turkey is very identity. for decades it's been trying to separate politics and religion. a lot of what we're seeing these initial demonstration transform into is this growing discontent for a certain portion of the population with their own government. >> the riot police pushing back a bit right now. if you can hear me one of things you said struck me. you said perhaps the riot police
10:35 am
is firing some of these tear gas canisters into the park itself. the plans to remodel this park and turn it into a shopping center and from what i underthe government promised not to clear that park. is that what's happening now? are they firing into the park? >> reporter: that is exactly what's happening. we're trying to see if we can get in a bit closer to the fringe of the park. we may be able to reach from here to see what's happening inside that park. the government had promised to allow those demonstrators -- i'm sorry. i had no idea what that was.
10:36 am
we can hear chanting from the direction of the park and down this road here. we can see another group of demonstrators stationed right down there. i'm going to put my gas mask back on. give me one second. sorry. if you can still hear me. >> it appears we have lost arwa. we'll get back to her as soon as we can reconnect.
10:37 am
riot police are clearing taksim square. they are firing into that park that sparked these protests. nick is in istanbul with more. what can you see from your vantage point, nick? >> reporter: what we have been seeing is what looked like water cannons firing in the direction of the park. we don't know in which direction that's happening. there's a separate move by police down up with of the concrete roads on the left hand side of the park as you face it from the shot you're seeing now. there's been barricades for much of the day. until we cently police just piled straight down that particular road an enormous cloud of tear gas ahead of them. it seems different police units and color. i don't know if that signifies a change in shifts but we have
10:38 am
seen the most coordinated effort by police so far today to push protesters back. as we're seeing now there appear to be a group of police at the mouth of gezi park from here through the smoke. police moving on the left of the park as well and remarkably nobody in the square about half an hour to 45 minutes ago was just packed with protesters. >> does this seem as though it was a coordinated police effort that had been in the making, planned or something more spontaneous? >> reporter: it's hard to tell. we have been wonnering what the police strategy was all day. they had been skirting around the park. promises the park would be left alone. appear to be held at some point we we thought they wanted to push into that green area.
10:39 am
we don't know what sparked this police move. there was some sort of altercation. no specific reason why that spark an enormous response by police. people were joining together, music festivity. the distinctive jump, jump where they link arms and bounce up together. a festive scene interrupted so suddenly with that tear gas. >> just to explain, these are protesters who say this prime minister is increasingly authoritarian. he's trying to impose his on vision of political islam in a country that has a proud tradition of secularism. how representative of these demonstrators of the whole of
10:40 am
turkey, nick? >> reporter: they represent those who did not vote for the prime minister. the question really is how much of a cohesive viewpoint do they represent themselves. when we've seen the large crowds gather in the square over the past 12 days they have encompassed a different role of opinio opinions they have a democratic mandate. the people in the square don't feel their rights to secular lifestyle or consume alcohol and lead more independent lives isn't respected by the prime minister. that's to the heart of what the protesters are talking about. it's led them to call him authoritarian. it's important to point out so much of this demonstration don't have a coherent objective.
10:41 am
it's not clear what they want. i've been in protests before where the main goal is to get the prime minister to stand down. that hasn't always been the case. they wanted to see the dismissal of anybody involved in the heavy handed tactics of the police and also wanted the park to remain as is at the moment. that negotiation tomorrow or perhaps the government will try to press ahead with it and they have given themselves the upper hand. it's been remarkable to see the intensity of the tear gas used and how fast everybody vanished. >> it's 20 to 9:00 p.m. in istanbul now. the prime minister saying he's lost his patience.
10:42 am
arwa, i want to try to get back the arwa damon. tell us what you're seeing now if you can hear me. >> reporter: i'm in the park putting our gas masks on because there's more gas being fired into the park itself. there's a lot of people walking around trying to help those who are struggling because of the intensity and severity of the tear gas. that guy right there is helping the girl out with the burn. people are really rallying together. it's pretty intense gassing of this tent city that's been here ever since these demonstrations began. the demonstrators were readying
10:43 am
themselves for this earlier in the day. the riot police did enter the park itself. they are determined to stay here. there's many different layers to what's happening in turkey. you have the demonstrators. those have escalated as we have been seeing. it's much broader demonstrations of discontent with the prime minister's government. the people here were promised by the government that this location would not be a shop. they would be allowed to continue to demonstrate here. now the situation ends.
10:44 am
it's a sense of camaraderie. people really helping one another out, helping us out. they're trying to get the wounded to these makeshift sites that they have. we're hearing fire. the gas has cleared a bit now. i'm going to remove this. apologies for all that. there's a sense of camaraderie and you it. a lot of people walking around, helping each other out and tlths been lot of peopcalling for cal. people were still calling for calm. in those very moments people were asking one another, calm down, don't let this escalate even though it did. there were people saying stay calm, stay calm.
10:45 am
try to keep the whole situation calm. we're hearing various chants happening all around us. people are here for the long haul. this symbolizes so much more than just a preservation of this one park for those who have been involved in these demonstrations. we did hear from the prime minister earlier in the day where he was saying this was part of some sort of a conspiracy theory, by certain groups to try to damage turkey's economy. it was driving and now taken a significant blow because of all of this. there was supposed to be negotiations that were going to be taking place tomorrow. there was supposed to be a meeting. we spoke with some of the individuals who had been negotiating and they said you
10:46 am
could not have negotiations when this type of action is taking place by the part of riot police. how are you? >> i'm kind of fine but tear gas is really awful. >> have you been here from the very beginning? >> i'm here for the very beginning. i was resting for two days until now. i was really affected by the tear gas. >> did you think they would tear gas the park after they promised not too? >> yeah. yesterday, sunday, we were waiting for them to attack but the attack started today. we were still waiting. >> are you determined to stay? are you determined to stay in park despite all of this that you're going through right now? >> i'm going to stay here till
10:47 am
it's over because i want to help the people who is on the front side with police fighting. there's also protesters that are trying to attack the police. we were trying to stop them. >> you're part of this group that was trying to calm down the tensions between those who were throwing rocks and you were trying to negotiate with the police as well. what do you think then caused what we just saw happen to happen. it was a peaceful demonstration in the park. >> well, police have -- what is the word? civil police was all around us and those who were throwing
10:48 am
molotov cocktails were also there. we were trying to stop them. no one go after the police. >> reporter: it's a dynamic situation. you have a lot of these demonstrators that to a certain agree are trying to distance themselves from those that are attacking the police and then you have the larger crowds that show up here expressing their solidarity but also their deep frustration with the turkish government itself. >> i want to let our viewers in the united states and elsewhere in the world watching, these are live images coming to up from clashes in taksim square. there were a few remaining still clashing with riot police.
10:49 am
doing their best to clear the square. unclear as we were discussing this whether it was a preplanned assault by the riot police or sparked by some sort of confrontation. these demonstrators have said for days that the government of the prime minister is acting more and more in an authoritarian manner. nick is at the istanbul bureau on more of what he is seeing and hearing. >> reporter: distinct change in what's been happening. i was telling you about police pushing down the road. they began to pull back leaving their armored vehicles ahead of them and then we seen the
10:50 am
armored vehicles pull back. we seen the police out of the corner parking themselves on the other side of the square. that's been followed by protest ters marching in >> vast images you're seeing from our live signal and from the reuters pictures. they're pushing back to where police have masked. what's the rationale? a show of strength? were they hoping to capture that? we are seeing the protesters trying to move up back towards the square. the police are still firing tear gas but there is that column of them moving slowly towards the far corner of the square over there. still significant tear gas in the air. they seem to be firing as they go. earlier on we saw police, a particular group of them, it seemed firing in different directions. i think i saw some shells of tear gas being fired towards
10:51 am
getty park. i certainly saw those canisters being thrown outside of getty park's tree line showing they had gotten in there from the police firing in that direction. clearly a scene of panic, i would imagine, inside those trees even if tear gas had been wafting in from the square itself. it's incredibly hard to breathe or see and inside that tree line incredibly dense, intensely packed. people obviously concerned about the eventuality of police moving towards them. again, remarkable. the police have upped the sticks and left moving to one particular corner of the square leaving that question, the last scene you've seen the last hour or so been about. a show of strengthen couraging the protesters to perhaps show a more violent side they had or is this just simply confusion in a situation that is incredibly chaotic and has been for some time? i'm hearing chanting down side streets here. we've seen a real change in the
10:52 am
makeup of this square in a day. the barricades that have held a degree of safety for protesters making the feel they have been charged by the police. they've been torn away by bulldozers. you can hear the crowds. they're amassing. they're moving as a group. scattered. now sizeable in numbers, clear in direction and converging back again on taksim square. i'm looking at probably 1,000 people on the move. more converging from side streets. >> nick, these chanting protesters you're describing, are they moving toward riot police as we continue to watch these live images coming to us from istanbul? >> reporter: they are moving in the direction of the riot police. the riot police are from what i can still see of them a distance behind the smoke moving to the far corner of the square almost
10:53 am
like the protesters are, in fact, following the police as they reposition themselves or even retreat to a further distance. we are not hearing as much tear gas being fired just recently. we are hearing the screech of ambulances positioning themselves inside the square. i don't know if that's ominous or simply a bit to try to provide medical care if it's needed. after all, that use of tear gas, people slowly increasing in number moving their way back up towards the square. i can only imagine these are the people who are originally pushed out by the original police advance that we saw earlier. >> there must be fears at this point that once again we're going to see flashes and confrontation. >> reporter: where does this end? they've been doing this all day. i've been watching much of the daylight clashes for about ten hours. it's subsided into rowdy, festive, calm protesters. suddenly out of nowhere that police response. we don't know what actually sparked it.
10:54 am
yes, they'll almost certainly gather again in the next hour. they may well continue with that rowdy protest they have before, the chanting. the police are moving again to what end? each time we see these charges, it gets a little bit more dangerous. they're heading towards the park. it's densely populated. the geography, if people try to leave en masse, there's broken stone, protruding pieces of metal out of the ground, a construction site. that's a precarious situation in itself. now the numbers of people growing. they're coming from the main street as well in istanbul moving back towards the square. one police water cannon there to greet them firing at some of them. they don't seem deterred by that. you really have to ask if they gather again in number in the square tonight, do we see a repeat of what we've seen or is there some broader standoff. >> and the prime minister promised to meet with some of
10:55 am
the demonstrators. it seems as though there was some change today. turkey, an important country in the region, of course. politically positioning itself in the syrian civil war. an important american ally as well in that region. all of this going on certainly instability and chaos in at least parts of the country as these protestors continue to demonstrate. live images coming to us from taksim in istanbul. that's where we see arwa damon. tell us what you're seeing right now. >> reporter: well, we're actually in the park itself and we're hearing people chance growing louder. they're saying everywhere is the resistance i believe getting the resistance. my turkogluish ish is a bit ru.
10:56 am
bear in mind the government had promised that it would allow the demonstrators to remain. many of them coming up to us reminding us, wanting it put out that the government would said they would be allowed to stay as long as they were there. they claim that they have been all along. there is a spirit of determination. there is a spirit of solidarity here. people helping each other out when the tear gas gets too intense. we've also seen a stretcher moving up towards what can be called the front line. if you remember where we were just a short while earlier, it's actually where the turkish flag is. that is taksim square. that has very much become one of the many front lines that exists around this central istanbul location. people are moving back. they're chanting louder. there are clashes along the
10:57 am
streets. whenever there are clashes. whenever tear gas is fired down from the side streets. people encourage others to stay calm. they're interrupting. earlier in the day when these clashes were taking place, not such an intense or widespread level, we did see some demonstrators calling themselves something like the gezzy park originals. trying to calm down tensions between groups that they were calling the stone throwers. the instigators. people that were insulting and shouting at the riot police trying to tell them to calm down, stay back. they did not want these demonstrations to become violent. also trying to calm the riot police down. there are a lot of different dimensions to what is happening in istanbul right now, hala. >> all right. just a reminder. viewers, what they're seeing now, ar wau damon is reporting from ground level. right now she's in gezzy park.
10:58 am
nick is also in istanbul overlooking taksim square. these are live dramatic images coming to us from istanbul as anti-government protests go into that country. these demonstrators are saying the prime minister is acting in an authoritarian way. he's trying to impose his vision of what turkey should be on an entire country. all of that being said, this is a democratically elected government and the prime minister certainly has his supporters in this country. what is going nontaksim square right now illustrating a divide in turkey. very important country strategically, politically, economically. right now it is going through certainly somewhat of a crisis. nick walsh is in our istanbul bureau. what is unfolding for turkey and also to the region.
10:59 am
nick. >> of course these are the scenes which similar to those at the beginning of the protests which inspired u.s. secretary of state john kerry to condemn much of the heavy handed. thoos say the least. it's simple, the police find another volley of tear gas. it's causing yet again into the side streets. turn around and they've begun chanting and moving forward. another familiar crack of tear gas just behind me. how does this process end? do they continue to get pushed back by tear gas. >> those bangs, not tear gas but
11:00 am
instead fireworks. that's been a consistent theme here. we've seen fireworks going. there are some elements of celebration going you might say. that's been fired up. there were some quite ingeniusly engineered devices. >> firing water and perhaps trying to suppress. reconverging back towards taksim square. >> anything walsh. thanks for joining us. for our viewers in the united states and else where in the world, we are continuing to cover dramatic events unfolding in taksim square in istanbul,

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